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Garden Design Service

Site survey

An accurate site survey is essential in order for an outline plan to be drawn. Once commissioned I will arrange for the survey and a site analysis to be carried out. Precise measurements of all the dimensions and levels in your garden will be taken so that accurate and fully worked out design drawings can be produced. I will also test the texture, quality and pH balance of the soil so that I can choose plants that will thrive in your garden. A site survey for a small to medium sized garden costs £250.

Outline plan

The Outline Plan is a fully scaled colour drawing of the design containing details and accurate measurements of each element of the garden, all the materials to be used and the structural planting. Its purpose is to show you how your new garden will look and how all the different elements connect and work together. It will be used by whoever constructs your garden, whether you intend to do this yourself or commission a professional landscaper. It will enable the garden to be built exactly as I have designed it, ensuring that it looks and works as intended. Once the outline plan is completed I will present it to you in person so that we can discuss the design in detail and you can ask me any questions you may have.

Construction drawings

In addition to the outline plan I will provide detailed and scaled drawings of all the structural elements of the garden such as paths, walls, ponds and pergolas. The purpose of these drawings is to enable you or your chosen landscaper to build them accurately in line with the design. It ensures the integrity of the design is maintained and your finished garden is exactly as intended.

Setting out drawings

Setting out drawings enable all the lawns, seating areas, paths, water features and other elements of the design to be set out accurately on the ground in your garden prior to construction. This ensures that the garden is built exactly as intended in the design so that all the areas connect and work properly together. This drawing will be provided following approval of the outline plan.

An outline plan with accompanying structural drawings for an average sized suburban garden should cost somewhere in the range of £600 – £900 with any revisions to drawings charged at £45 per hour.