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Planting service

Planting plan

A planting plan can be part of a full garden design or it may be undertaken as a project on its own such as a new planting scheme or a redesign of one or more of your borders. The plan details all the areas within the garden to be planted and specifies the name, number and exact position of the plants. It will provide all the information necessary to allow yourself or a landscaper to plant your flower beds accurately as detailed in the design. Planting plans start at £180 for a small border.

Plant list

I can provide a list of all the trees, shrubs and other plants required for your garden, how many you will require of each and at what size. This list can be sent to plant nurseries to assist with sourcing the plants and will help to ensure that the right plants are obtained.

Plant sourcing

I can source and order the plants you require for implementation of the planting plan, saving you lots of time contacting nurseries.

Setting out plants

When you are ready for the beds in your garden to be planted I can set out on site in your garden where each plant should go so that they are in the right place and have enough space to mature.

Plant maintenance plan

I can provide a maintenance plan to help you or your gardener to keep your plants looking great.